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Sure! I'd love to buy that bathroom light fixture when I buy a new house...NOT! Besides, I'm a type of guy who like to have contemporary lighting fixtures and lamps. :)

Mmmmmmmm... Taste good! *hungry* :)

Okay, I'm back.

Well, you know, I felt kind of tempted to post an off-topic comment not related to the article but related to the PriceGrabber ad containing products that are not related to the article.

I'm not complaining or making a suggestion, as it's just a comment. I mean, it's easy to get carried away from the article and just look at a food and make a comment there. But then I'd expect my comment to be deleted for going off-topic. Well, I need to stay on-topic when it comes to articles, though.

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This one with the light I used "Lineage II" as the keywords.. The other one was "cheese steak" for the thing Philly is most know for. I've changed them both now. Lots of times the keywords that I enter work fine, but every now and then something changes at pricegrabber and random stuff appears. These ads are not like those from Google Adsense that checks your cookies for places you have been. These work based on the keywords we enter at the time of the posts creation.

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