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Hey guys, my name is John and I joined this site recently because of Rodney's decision to make this site his first priority (doesn't mean he won't be uploading to youtube), ( see this video to find out his changes,    ).

I am a fan / follower of 3dGameMan and like to keep up to date on his videos. I am 15 years old, I go to school/work experience, My hobbies include gaming (obviously), computing (hardware/software... obviously) and pretty much just relaxing at home whenever I get the chance.

So now you know me, Why don't you reply leaving an introductory of your own / thoughts opinions of my introductory ( no hate :p please). And the reason I'm posting this here is because I don't actually know if there is a place for this and would not mind if it was moved to the appropriate area.

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Sup wink

We had a long down period for the main site and I guess youtube filed that role nicely. Youtube will still get the videos, but the newest stuff will be here first. Disabling some of the youtube chat forces people to come here to talk about the hardware. And Rodney doesn't have to worry as much about what is being said in his channels. We still have Anon posting so that is not a problem for those lurkers out

Glad you like Rods videos, we try really hard around here to provide a cool hangout and chat about our geek toys and stuff, life ect..

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