My notebook before and after cleaning (Pictures)

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Well, I have this notebook for 3.5 years, two of them it was used by my parents. So after a year and a half of gaming on my poor little machine, I decided to clean him and see what inside.

So first of all I opened the battary and Hard Drive compartment, and took the bit of dust in there (boring). Then I opened the area of RAM, CPU and MOBO. There I found this dirty fan(I expected that). So I tried cleaning him, and it didn't go well, so I unscrewed the fan and found these huge dust ball right where the warm air opening is:


So this is the AFTER picture:

Here are all the ear picks that went into this:


And here are the results in terms of TEMP:

Before it was between 65-85 on IDLE

so, when did you all last clean your PC?

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Nice! But it would have been more interesting if you reversed the direction of the fan while simultanesouly using a vacuum to suck up the dust.

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and where would all the dust go to? will it just fly off everywhere or will it go through the hot air opening?

And how do I reverse the fan?

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What i do is use an air compressor to blow the dust off with a vacuum close by so when the dust fly's off... the vacuum sucks up all of it.

I clean my case about once every month. but the dust filters in my antec 1200 are so easy to remove that i just take them out and wash them every week.

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i do a fast clean every week (fans and filters).. normal clean every season (take away dust with dust cleaner).. and i take off everything and rebuild my pc to do a perfect clean every year.

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