Merry Christmas! Favorite Presents?

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May your geeky dreams come true!

What was your favorite present (given or received) this year?

Given to me, my son found an original copy of Soundgarden's Transphantasm album. Good music from back in the day.

Given away, both of my boys got a good quality MP3/MP4 player (Uniden, not too fancy, but with a high-quality DAC and strong amplifier) and a set of studio headphones, and they are in heaven! I also gave my wife some Dr. Who socks and coffee cup (ThinkGeek sourced) that she is gaga about!

But in truth, everything I gave away is appreciated (even the comforters and sheets we gave to the girls), which makes it even better!

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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Gift exchanges aren't commonplace in our household, we usually just give money :)

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Didn't really get many presents as I got some "sponsorship" from my parents for my new computer.

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Wow, wasn't remembering Soungarden anymore, i should remake my entire discography on my HTPC to have easy access to all that "old" stuff !!

BTW, i just got a few goodies but my 2 favorites are a brand new Crucial M4 128gb and a season pass to go snowboarding this winter and i'll go for it like this Saturday to make sure i'll benefit from it :)

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