Log in 3dgameman.com with Facebook?

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Just my suggestion, but wouldn't it be good idea if user can create an account via Facebook and post comment in the forum by using Facebook plug-in for this site? I'm pretty sure many people wouldn't want to go through all the trouble just to create an account, and no, anonymous doesn't count. Tell me what you think.

Andreas Hofer
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I'm not really sure how F*book interacts with those websites that allow users to do so. Personally as someone who used to admin and moderate a few forums and websites in the past, I like to keep companies like F*book out unless they are willing to pay for the service provided to them.

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Im pretty sure websites that let you log in using facebook, twitter, yahoo, google, etc. use a thing called openID basically if you're logged into one of your accounts currently you just click a button and it will verify you through whatever site you choose.

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The issue is that sites like Facebook are very very frequently hacked, and we end up with people clicking on something, giving it full access to their account, and then they become an ad source (and often in my case calling me asking that I FIX THEIR STUPIDITY).

I know for a fact that, if you had the option to link FB to this site, were hacked, and started posting ads here, you're account HERE would be going away!

Until FB tightens internal security, it isn't going to happen.

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Facebook Connect and OpenID are something that I've considered. Honestly what it does is open the door to more spam and other forms of malicious activity. The pro's where out-weighed in my conclusion (at this time). It might change in the future but not right now. :)

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