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i joined this thing named lockerz. its suppostly owned by the ex-ceo of amazon and ex cso of american eagle. u get 2 points every day for answerign questions and then you can pick out prizes. im a little skeptical about this site..anyone else tried it?

i hope this isnt advertising..

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never hear of that site ...
but remember , Never post your Real information on a site you dont trust ...

Because ; Everything on the internet is free of right .

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im using that site..and it friend got a flesh key about 5 months ago and about 2 months ago my other friend got a Wii System. BUT you pay the taxes, and you can only redeem once a month. BTW you also get points for logging in and also for watching videos. If you want an invitation leave a comment with you email address.

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Wow ,
i gonna check for more information about that on google ...

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If this is another one of those pay to click pages I will unleash hell on earth.

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