hacking the ipad

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anyword on that yet?
is it just going to be like cracking the ipod? although im not planing on getting one, im wondering how much ol' steve had learned in terms of security. i mean if you turn off flash, your kinda calling everyone to try and hack the machine.

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Its a big Ipod so i could imagine it will be hacked.

its not out yet so i doubt you will see hacks for it yet either

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I don't get the big deal about the ipad. It's thin... and that's all.

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i am pretty sure that in a couple of month you gonna be able to download free Book , Music , game for you I-PAD ...

just check , on google and youtube

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The iPad is based on an ARM-type (Advanced RISC Machine) processor, so it's right up the path of Android and various Linux flavors. I've already seen one loaded with Windows XP Pro RISC, but it was very limited as the driver base just isn't there for XP.

However, it is a new part, so give it time. Windows 7 or full MacOS on it would actually be pretty useful as a micro tablet.

Here's a bit for adding limited Flash capability through Safari:

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