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What I'm looking for is an EL (electro-luminescent) sheet in a large size, A1 (841x594mm or 33x23in). I have found TONS of sites offering smaller sizes (A4-A9), but nobody seems to carry a product that I KNOW is made!

I have found a couple manufacturers, one in mainland China and the other in India, but both won't accept orders under 100 parts, and hey, at $25 a pop, I don't have $2500 to drop on something like this. I'm also worried about people telling me that money sent to these companies just sometimes vanishes along with the order.

I am working out plans for a case panel modification for a large case (CM Cosmos S) and would prefer a single sheet cut down rather than several overlayed just due to eliminating as much wiring as possible, and to prevent light fading (as not all sheets have the same output). I need it in white light (preferable) or pale blue.

Anybody come across anyone selling sheets this big singly?

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