Did I enter the contest properly?

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I entered the current give away and I am not sure if I did it right. It said to provide a link back to myspace and I am not sure what that is. What I did do is make a post on my myspace about the contest and provided a link to the 3gdm website. Did I do everything properly?

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Yea.. that's fine, but you would need to include that link when you filled out the forum... could be MySpace, Twitter or Facebook as well.

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Ahhh.. was hoping I could still enter but the form isn't showing up for me and yes I am logged on.


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I hope I linked it right too. I hate using those annoying sites like twitter, but now a days it seems like the only way to enter a contest is to spam a link back to sites on it so I made one.

I have no idea how the things work, but I linked back to http://twitter.com/crusader8463. So hopefully it works.

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