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Dear Rodney,

Many many years ago while building my first powerhouse I came across your videos while researching specific components. Back then, I was amazed at your quality productions and the level of professionalism you displayed while demoing and reviewing each product.

I am sorry to say that after building my new rig I misplaced your name and was unable to find you again. Over the years I would occasionally feel nostalgia for something I had long lost but for the life of me could not remember who you were or where to find you. Much to the annoyance of my friends I would sometimes remind them of your videos in the hope they would know what I was talking about.

My last two systems were bought pre-built. Mostly because I was out of touch with the latest hardware and I felt that the hassle of individual warranties was too much of a risk since I depend on my systems for business use. A rather annoying, but now favourable, cock-up at Dell has forced me to design and build a rig from scratch.

So days of research into the latest and greatest led me to your video review of the Coolermaster CM-690 II Advanced Dominator Case. I greatly enjoyed the review though felt a strange sense of familiarity throughout it. It wasn't until you said 'kick-ass product' at the end of your review  that it all came flooding back to me!

I am exceptionally happy to see ( now that my memory blocks have been lifted ) that the style and format of your reviews remain unchanged. This only re-enforces my belief that you've found a winning formula and have stuck with it.

Even though the result of watching hours of your video has caused me to tweak the design of my system ( increasing the price significantly ) I feel I can afford a small donation to 3dgameman. So if I loose you again at least I can feel i've paid some of my dept back to you :)

All the best to you and your family & supporters.

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I very much appreciate your kind comments and support :)

Rodney Reynolds,

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100% agree with the original poster... been a fan of your videos for years... since back before you had a website (that I knew of)... and the videos were just on utube.  Great reviews that are extremely informative and very professional.   They have probably been the largest source of information on upcoming tech that I use; and definitely the most informative.  Great work man!

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We (many of us) are just a little, er, unhappy with the current forum software.  I understand the reason for the change, but...

Enough said. I stay for you and the reviews, and will tolerate this forum and it's sudden dislike for me... ;-)

Have fun, be safe! Sláinte!

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