Couponing toolbars ?

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Should I use couponing toolbars, if I want to try to save money at a local Dillon's? I see they have the Krazy coupon lady, newspapers & websites. I tried to print a coupon, but it did not have a upc so I was afraid that it would not work at the store. So after printing over multiple times I think my printer was not set right. I found later that you can put the coupon on a store card. What if I put five coupons on the card and when I get to the store only buy one item with a coupon? Do they allow you to have more coupons on the card than you use at one check out at the register?

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I believe you can add multiple coupons on your store card. However, I don't know if you can add multiple coupons of the same item on your card. I've never done that before but it's worth a shot to try. I've never used couponing toolbars before, so I can't help you with that.

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I've never used any toolbars or card accounts. I just tend to use as they tend to all be manufacturer related and you can use them anywhere. And sometimes they are REALLY GOOD.

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