Can't log in to Rodney Reynolds site

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Hey Rod, so I register for the site to post questions of the forums for the Q&A section, but as I try to register it said, David32 and my email where already in use, when I dont remember registering before. So I keep click on "Forgot My Password" to see if I can get a new password, but I don't receive nothing, no email, after clicking forgot my password link.

Anyways if that doesnt work, can we direct our Q&A through youtube messages?

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I've been trying to join these forums again since the old switched over, but I had no luck until today. Glad to be back!!!

Edit: Now I have to start my thread count all over!! :(

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You only had like 252 posts.. lol
Zach has been told to work on the main site for a while and he will fix the post counts at a later time.

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Rodney Reynolds,