Build your own custom laptop? laptop chassis idea

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Hey, I just had this idea and was wondering what some people would think of this.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could buy a laptop case kinda like you can buy a desktop computer case? I think it would be awesome if a company designed an empty laptop or notebook case that woold have a range of computer hardware components to support it. They would all have to be specially designed to be installed in the case.

Maybe the case would come with just a few standard power supplies and monitor (removable monitor) options to choose from. The rest of the parts would have to be specially designed to support the case but if all those GPU and mobo manufactures were up to the task it could work.

I'm no engineer or business entrepreneur but just thought if saw something like that it would get my attention. Has anyone else ever thought of this or has it been done already? :D

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Back in the late '90s to early 2000's, there was a platform out there where you could build custom laptops. But no standard was ever established (like ATX board physical design, for example) and it never caught on.

I'd love for it to happen, and have, say, an LTX design (Laptop Technology eXtended, © to eire1274) that could be easily snapped into various laptop chassis. But it likely won't happen, at least for a while. Everybody is so happy about their custom shells that no one wants to disambiguate it from their custom design, likely due to the warranty issues.

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