Bought new rig - thanking 3DGM

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3DGM has been very helpful in deciding on my build, just what i wanted to have, i had the most problems with what case should I buy, bitter lessons from past experiences, I have ATX but I still wanted a larger case.

Pretty much what I wanted to see was in the reviews. Great job as I probably wouldn't even knew about the CM Storm Trooper being the black version of the Stryker (well it's the other way around, i realized slight differences after), what a great big tower case for so little, I don't really care about the weight, some tradeoffs are well worth it.

The CM Storm Trooper case (not just the stryker), Noctua NH-L12, ..etc

Only one thing I found weird is the Reviews search filter is not showing up all the stuff from Noctua, i had to do manual search to find NH-L12 and it didn't found it without typing this specifically in, it didn't work with just "NH" or "L12" ... it didn't found any of the CPU coolers.

I've known 3DGM for years, but in the last year I wasn't that active in the PC space sold my old rig and had a pause, buying the new one, ofcourse I haven't forgot about 3DGM.

Keep up the good work!

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You're very welcome. Enjoy the rig bud :)

Rodney Reynolds,

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This is because the review wasn't "Sponsored By" Noctua. Sorry for that. We'll look at adapting that filter to include the manufacturer.