Banned from a forum and a quick question

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Ok I've been banned from a forum called comic vine a few weeks ago on grounds of "racism" even though I attacked religious views only and was looking for a debate, could somebody here please tell us what religion has to do with race? I swear fundies have inflated egos.

A moderator has been looking for an excuse to throw me off that site for months as it would seem and he has finally gotten his own way. what a prick and I'd love to punch the bloke in the face for being a hypocrite for censoring freedom of speech, but unfortunately we're living thousands of miles apart (I'm assuming he's American)

Oh and while I brought the subject up, how can one possibly justify being a christian or muslim anyway? by definition of what their deity is supposed to be. who'd want to worship such a prick who allowed life to be unfair? Me and my family and friends have had our share of unfortunate events yet no spiritual being stood up for us in our times of need, which leads me to a logical assumption that there is no god, imo it's all fairy tales for the weak minds who can't face reality, and worst still, it was used to control people.

Edit: I could of publicly used text emoticons and expressed signs of being amused at how stupid some mods in forums are, (this one doesn't have an idiot moderating it thank goodness) but I'd just be sinking to their level, as I was told, two wrongs don't make a right or life's too short.

That said, if that guy on CV gets trolled, no sympathy from me. you reap what you sow.

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It sux getting banned, not that I know, but remember, each forum has it's own policies. So keep that in mind. While everyone is welcome to their own opinion, that opinion is not always welcome and it can get you into trouble.

For example, we don't tolerate much BS on this forum, so everyone has to watch what they say. We ban unruly people here and I also block people on my YouTube channel. Freedom of speak is great and all but when unchecked it sometimes turns into non-sense and can be hateful. IMO, a few swear words and strong opinions are fine as long as they don't insult or bash others.

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To be fair, anyone is allowed to be any religion they want (for the most part). But me being raised a catholic Christian and being baptized in a catholic christian is enough for me to say that I am a catholic christian. I personally think that God was brought up in the beginning of times to put morals into place and bond the world together. I have doubts at times as well, very much in my teen and young adult years. You can call me stupid for believing but like I said God was brought up to help better humanity. I might not believe in God himself but I understand the meaning of his birth. If that allows me to be a better person then I'll keep on believing. I love debating but only if the other debater actually uses what I said and doesn't just argue.