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Pardon me for being so curious, but I'm just wondering... When it comes to smartphones, like Android or Windows Mobile*, and even tablets, why is the word "app" so popular compared to use of "application" during the post-iPhone days?

For me and in my opinion, I think the word "application" stands out better and more formal (so many adjective-related definitions; not sure if that's a right word to use) compared to the word "app" as I don't think the word "app" rolls of my tongue, but then-- that's just me.

P.S.: Even though my statement (below) does not relate to my thread, an OS Y (to avoid confusion with Mac OS X, so I chose "Y" instead) having more applications than OS Z does not mean anything to me when it comes to smartphone market. :)

P.P.S.: *I really don't like Windows Phone 7 -- blue tiles, green tiles, red tiles, black/white background -- not a lot of customization and not being able to install any applications not from the Windows Marketplace. I'm just so used to Windows Mobile and it will take a while for me to make a smooth and seamless transition to Android since I sync my Windows Mobile phone with Windows Mobile Device Center/Outlook 2007. I have a Pharos Traveler 619 that does text messaging (400 plan), but not surf the net over 3G. Pardon my digress, but in the end, I'd rather not fall myself into a two-year contract, hold onto my money, and wait until I get a tablet next year. I wouldn't bother paying $529 for a Nexus S. :( I currently have T-Mobile Rocket Stick with WebConnect Overage Free Plan (5GB) that I use for my netbook whenever I plan a trip. It's $40/month). :) I've been a T-Mobile customer as of last September or October or so.

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