16 year old Kid in Chicago beat to death

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So a 16 year old kid called Derrion Albert was beaten to death with a board.
The story is that for the last month two rival gangs in Chicago were fighting and in Thursday the two gangs started fighting near a high school and this kid tryed help his friend when he got hit by a 2X4 in the head and when he got up other people started beating on him with boards.
Heres the story:

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That's what we have prisons for. Even at 13 you can go to jail for life.

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i watched the video when i loged into msn the other day . this video made me furious as soemthing like this happened to me and a couple of friends

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I agree tivon, god bless prison's!

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The video link doest work for me ...

Well , Killing someone is killing someone .
and kill someone is a crime , so PRISON !