some old parts

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i got a old Intel Pentium M socket 715 @ 1.5 GHz also the cooler (very low profile about 1/2")
a 2.5 laptop ide drive 40 gb
1 X 256mb DDR SDRAM 200 pin(so-dimm) and 1x 1GB DDR SDRAM 200 pin(so-dimm)
Intel WM3B2200BG wireless card
and a CD-RW / DVD-ROM combo slim drive

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If i where you, i would donate that to someone who needs it.
I'm sure its worth more to be charitable in this case - do it, it'll feel good :)

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Is your CD/DVD slim IDE or Sata, would that 1gb DDR be compatible with a Gateway Tablet TA1 series?

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