Selling AMD CPU really need the money

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This is an AMD Phenom X4 9500 2.2GHz CPU. I have had this CPU for about a month and it is in perfect condition. This CPU is great for a Gaming computer and works on AM2+ socket motherboards. I have never overlocked this CPU but I have heard it is amazing at OC. It has 4.0 MB Total L2+L3 cache. It comes in it retail box and includes the stock cooling. Help me out and you will be happy with your purchase. If you have any questions just reply. Also if you are in the market looking for ram I have for sell OCZ 4GB NVIDIA SLI DDR2 Ram. The Ram is in great condition and has also never been overclocked. Please help because I really need the money for a new rig. I will take offers.

CPU Pic!B-MMv3!B2k~$(KGrHqYOKj!EzJ5rOFl7BM8!L4!4b!~~_12.JPG

RAM Pic!B-MGVpgEGk~$(KGrHqJ,!jgEzsBc4OpkBM8!!rrpv!~~_12.JPG

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