I build Custom PC's for your wallet!

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Tillman’s Custom PC
We Build Outstanding Pc’s at Outstanding Prices

Need a new computer? Can’t afford one of the major pre-built computers? NO PROBLEM! At Tillman’s the possibilities are endless, we can build you a fully custom PC built to your needs and your budget! Best of all, it saves you hundreds of dollars! We build better computers for better prices, we can prove it!
At Tillman’s we know our stuff when it comes to computers, our service will be quick and reliable. Tired of calling customer service and getting someone from outside the country that you can barley understand to help you? Not a problem! Our Customer service is talking to the people who ACTUALLY built your computer. We know your machine inside and out because WE put it together for you!
What are you waiting for! Get your new pc! Check out www.Tcustompc.webs.com for additional details and questions! You’re just a few steps away from owning that computer of your dreams! Ordering process is on the website, feel free to call or E-mail me anytime. ( If we don’t answer, be sure to leave us a message so we can call you back asap. )

Please Only Call between 2pm-10pm Excluding Weekends
Mondays 1pm-10pm
E-mail 24/7 - [email protected]
Thank you for your interest!
Brandon Tillman of Tillman’s Custom PC

Hopefully I am allowed to post something like this here.