FS: Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Case -- You pay for shipping; you can have it!

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Last Winter, I had to move to a smaller case due to our family expanding. Despite attempts to keep this beauty around, it just isn't a feasible enclosure for me anymore. At this point, I'd rather just see the case gone than try to make money.

I can provide about 90% of the components in the pic; I'm not fully certain on which/how many screws came with the case, but I have most. The mobo standoffs are still installed in the case, along with most of the other components.

I will give the case a good blowdown with compressed air and wipe out any remaining dust. I do not have the original box, so that will be rolled into the shipping cost. Please contact me for details and a quote for shipping.

I will try to dig up actual pics of the case. For the time being, here is one from Newegg (where I purchased the case):

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I doubt it is, but If this is still available let me know, could use this to house a family members computer depending on the cost of shipping. Let me know how to contact you.

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