"We greatly appreciate and thank you for your support." ~Rodney Reynolds

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Q. Do I have to donate?
A. Absolutely not, donating is completely voluntary.

Q. How much should I donate?
A. The amount you give is up to you; however, please do not sent anything less then $10US because of PayPal associated fees.

Q. How often should I donate?
A. This is completely your decision. This can depend on your own personal financial situation and also the initial amount you donated.

Q. Why is accepting donations?
A. To cover costs associated with running

Q. Will I be listed publicly for my donation(s)?
A. Donations below $20 will not, but for all donations over $20 a thank you video will be produced.

Q. Is my personal information safe?
A. Yes, your information is very safe. Rodney Reynolds personally accepts and processes all donations.

Q. Is the amount I give refundable?
A. No.

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