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Video Review: Ozone Argon Advanced Pro Gaming Mouse


With an amazing 8,200dpi laser sensor, a weight system, 16.8 million color lightening, sharp looks, great software, and ambidextrous, there's no question that the Ozone Argon is a pro gaming mouse. This is definitely going to be a hit!

Video Review: Ozone Strike Battle Mechanical Compact Gaming Keyboard


The Ozone Strike Battle Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has Cherry MX switches, it's compact, well built, solid aluminum top, looks great, is backlit and comes with software. Gamers will absolutely love it!

Video Review: Thonet & Vander Grub 2.1 Speaker System


Retro looks with a modern vibe and great sound is what the Thonet & Vander Grub 2.1 Speaker System is all about. The total peak output might only be 48W, but due to quality components the sound is accurate and immersive. You can max the volume, crank of the treble and bass with next to no distortion. Impressive!

Video Review: Amped Wireless Titan AC1900 Wi-Fi Router


The Amped Wireless Titan Router is a Wi-Fi dead zone killer! If you're looking for an AC1900 router that offers rock solid coverage and the ability to have multiple connections steaming HD content and online gaming at the same time with ease, you've found it. It's possible because of the 1GHz dual-core processor, 258MB DDR3 of memory, 14 amplifiers and four 5dBi antennas.

Video Review: SilverStone CS01 & CS01-HS Mini-ITX Cases


Wow! SilverStone has done an amazing job with the CS01 & CS01-HS Mini-ITX Cases, right from the thick sand-blasted aluminum exterior to the steel interior and all the features in between. While these cases were designed as a compact NAS storage solution, they would be perfect for an SFF or HTPC build.